Founded in 2016, Whole Melt Extracts is a California-based company. Experts in cannabis who aim to deliver the best that the plant has to offer make up the entire team at Melt Extracts. Producing live rosins, shatter, and badder is our specialty.
When it comes to cannabis plants and its derivatives, the entire melt extracts team is an expert. In the seven years that our brand has been in business, we have accumulated a number of awards and become well-known in the cannabis world. 
Once a legal framework is in place, we will operate the only legitimate Official Whole Melt Extracts online store and take over as the province wholesaler for purchasing Whole Melt Extracts online for private retail stores in the UK and the USA. 
In order to provide you with the greatest possible experience when purchasing WHOLE MELT EXTRACTS, we have been working nonstop in recent years to establish a strong reputation among our clients, patients, and consumers who are enthusiastic about the safe and appropriate use of WHOLE MELT EXTRACTS.
Our online store offers premium WHOLE MELT EXTRACTS for sale in the EU, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. We provide easy access to WHOLE MELT because we recognize that many of our customers struggle to make purchases from dispensaries or stores.
The entire melt extracts team just launched our own cartridge line. We are pleased to announce that the oils in our disposables are among the purest available in the market right now. Try it out now rather than merely taking our word for it.